TRE architecture works collaboratively with clients to create Sustainable, Livable and Beautiful architecture.

Derived from the Italian translation of the number three, TRE reflects not only an indelible term and a reference to the founder's Italian heritage, but a larger branding effort to emphasize the firm's commitment to inspired architecture.  TRE is fitting, simple and memorable.

The number three is quite prominent in the earliest surviving written work on the subject of architecture:   De architectura, by the Roman architect Vitruvius in the early 1st century CE.  According to Vitruvius, a good building should satisfy the three principles of utilitas, firmitas and venustas, which translate roughly as – commodity, firmness and delight. With today's world in mind, TRE has refreshed these terms to Sustainable, Livable and Beautiful.

These three principles are as relevant today as they were in ancient Roman times.

Commitment to design excellence is at the heart of TRE architecture. What distinguishes the practice is a deep sense of responsibility to positively impact our clients and communities.

TRE architecture is a full service architectural firm that works collaboratively with its clients from the inception of an idea through the completion of construction.  Through an imaginative and collaborative process, all possibilities are explored to find the harmonious solution.  At the core of the process is the ability to take a fresh look at design challenges and transform limitations into possibilities.  This formula has produced a diverse and distinguished body of work, commissioned by clients eager to have their expectations raised. Regardless of scale or program, TRE architecture is enthusiastic in its approach and professional in its process.

With a history that spans over 50 years, TRE architecture has the breadth of experience to provide solutions to a variety of design challenges.


TRE Architecture is an award winning practice located in Carlsbad, California.   The firm's over 50 year history begins in 1967 when Amato Teta founded his architectural practice in San Diego following his studies at Carnegie Mellon University. The practice grew with projects small and large, with many returning clientele. Years later, Allan Teta follows in his father’s footsteps after receiving his Bachelors of Architecture at the University of Southern California. After broadening experiences with other award winning firms, Allan decides it is time to unite with his father in 2006 to create  Teta Architecture, Inc.  Building upon the many successes already achieved, TRE architecture is born in early 2014.

In 2012, Ericka Teta joined forces with the firm as Office Manager. Ericka is the backbone of the office, providing all necessary business support.  With a real estate background, she also provides added real estate expertise to the firm's offerings; including property acquisition, research, exchanges and property listings.  Since joining, Ericka has consulted with numerous TRE Architecture clients on their real estate matters.

In late 2013, Rick Suda, Licensed Architect, joined up with TRE Architecture.  Rick brings a deep wealth of experience in both the public and private sector.  His expertise in building construction blends perfectly with TRE's comprehensive approach.  Rick and Allan previously worked together at Innis-Tennebaum Architects.  Rick is a very close personal friend and colleague, and also the godfather to Allan's two daughters;  the ideal addition to the TRE family.

From concept to occupancy, TRE architecture offers the following services for a wide variety of building types:

PREDESIGN -  Project Programming

SITE ANALYSIS - Agency review, Existing conditions analysis, Zoning Review

SCHEMATIC DESIGN - Conceptual Design, Scheduling, Presentations

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT -  Consultant coordination, Materials research and specification

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS -  Architectural documentation, Agency processing

BIDDING AND NEGOTIATION - Bid coordination and evaluation

CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION - Field observation, Construction change directives